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For jing peng transparent soft curtain thumb up

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For jing peng transparent soft curtain thumb up

For jing peng transparent soft curtain thumb up. Why? Jingpeng transparent soft door curtain is another flagship product of Shanghai jingpeng rapid door manufacturer, with high quality and low price, many styles and varieties. Jing peng xiaoxiao today on the detailed introduction of the jing peng transparent soft curtain specific circumstances.

Beijing peng company is one of the earliest manufacturer of transparent soft door curtain, successively with The Times, auchan supermarket, lotus, century lianhua supermarket, carrefour, tesco, gome, suning, yongle electrical appliances, hualian supermarket and other dozens of large chain supermarket cooperation for more than ten years, excellent product quality and perfect service system by domestic and foreign user's consistent high praise.

Beijing peng transparent soft door curtain hardy, anti-corrosion, contractive, not to take off layer, good ageing resistance, flexibility and wide applicable temperature (- 70 degrees Celsius -- 100 degrees c), a health transparent, do not fade, isolation from the hot and cold, insects, wind, antistatic, flame retardant, uv protection, dust, noise, constant temperature daylighting, two-way suspension is convenient wait for a characteristic. It can block the air pollution outside and keep the car free.

Beijing peng transparent soft door curtain applicability is wide and is suitable for food processing plants, fresh food processing center, medical laboratory, purifying workshop, freezer, refrigerator, ice-making, warehousing, logistics centers, electronic factory, machinery factory, welding workshop, printing plant, sterile room, computer room, office, super market, fresh market, home, dining-room kitchen, toilet, etc. PVC special door curtain can reduce noise, reduce noise pollution, make machine space barrier, improve working environment comfort.

According to different demands of users, jingpeng company has introduced cold-resistant cotton door curtains, orange door curtains for insect control, multiple stack door curtains for wind control, anti-static door curtains and anti-ultraviolet door curtains. There are high temperature resistant, thermostatic type, and low temperature resistant, product variety complete, price moderate, long service life. Door - to - door installation, free one year, lifelong service.

Buy curtain, choose jingpeng. Jingpeng door curtain style variety, there is always a suitable for you.

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